Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Soul Food for Survival

Photo: Delish

Life is all but slow these days. You know, that darn job. The one I wanted so much. The one taking over my life.

I read a couple blog posts last night, looked at Jen's little books and wondered "how do people do it? how am I going to get creative time to survive?"

Standing under a hot shower last night, an answer came.

Chop, chop. Brown, brown. Roast, roast.

Earlier that day between sips of my morning coffee, I chopped and roasted veggies for a vegetable soup. After deciphering the instructions on my lamp timer, I set the slow cooker for four hours. Even though I had to resist lying down for a cap nap by the time I was ready to get out the door, it was worth it. I had energy at work, I made it to QiGong class, and the soup was delicious.

Mmmm. Depth and flavor.

Art of the Slow Cooker is my guide these days: a new book, a birthday book.

It may save me.


painted fish studio said...

a creative friend contacted me over the weekend to say
his marriage was falling apart, and that he'd need to get a job to survive, and he was terrified if losing his creative soul to the man. so for the last few days I've been thinking about how hard it really is to work full-time but still be creative. it's all about time management and learning how precious those few hours you have are. and then i remember i am not in a relationship - if i was, what would take priority?

it's tough. but i do not regret the late nights and painful mornings when i've made something I'm proud of.

Pamela said...

ooh! I need to hear more about this cookbook. I've been on the lookout for a slow cooker cookbook but they always seem to have so many worthless recipes. I like a cookbook that's fun to read and/or has tons of recipes I'd actually make.