Sunday, December 13, 2009


French eyewear collection from Face a Face

It started six weeks ago when I woke up--on my birthday of all days--and couldn't see the numbers on the digital clock. Happy Birthday to me!

A few weeks ago, I tried on a friend's Betsy Johnson glasses, looked down at the words on the page and found them magically magnified.

This morning, it's official: I could barely read one article in NY Times without straining. I'm told by the husband that when it happens, it happens fast.

Dear Santa, Could you please send the green-framed Face-a-Face glasses with the tortoise shell eye-to-ear stems?


Pamela said...

Maybe our age is magical because my eyes went to hell in the last year. I've worn reading glasses for quite some time, but generally could still pick up a magazine to scan a recipe or check ingredients at the market. Not so much anymore.

painted fish studio said...

they are yummy!

i've heard that by age 45 everyone needs some sort of corrective lens. i'm sure i will need them soon... and now i'm kind of looking forward to it!

Nuree said...

Think of them as a new fashion accessory! :) my parents have multiple ones around the house/in the each one can be a new fashion statement! :)