Saturday, December 5, 2009

Art at a Pediatrician's Office

Last week the happiest moment of my work day was a visit to the most beautiful doctor's office I've ever seen. Art everywhere. Fun art. The art of Sheldon Greenberg.

Not only was the art gorgeous, but wow, the doctor I was interviewing for my job, the fabulous Dr. Raquel Burgos , had style, energy, and warmth to outdo even the fab interior. Dr. Burgos told me that Sheldon's son got hit with a baseball and he did this painting of him. It's a big ole gorgeous piece (maybe 9ft x 5 ft).

More Sheldon art at this concierge doctor practice:

Pass me the paint brushes, please. And some bubble wrap too.


madame v said...

Even more than the art, I love the fact that a) you had your camera with you, and b) you whipped it out to take these fine photos.


painted fish studio said...

me, too, me, too! i wish my doctors were that awesome...