Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Striped Baby Beanie

I wanted to use up some Rowan cotton wool yarn and knit this baby beanie to go with the sweater Cousin Aidan inherited last weekend. Virtually all the baby hat patterns I have call for yarn with No 7 or 8 needles. Rowan cotton wool needs No 5 or 6 needles. I followed One Girls' baby beanie pattern and added a topper for fun.

The bottom rib came out quite loose, unlike One Girls'. I'm not sure it will stay on the kid's head. If I redo it, I'll use a smaller needle for the rib. The other problem is it looks like it's sized for a preemie. (5" high; 16" round)

After knitting this I can see why most patterns call for yarns using a No 7 or 8 needle. This hat feels flimsy.

On this little project, I learned how to knit in ends with this video. It's a technique well worth learning.


Vanessa said...

This is a neat hat. And I wouldn't worry about it fitting the kid's head. You know, because those things get bigger and he can always grow into it.

Kim said...

It will be a loose yamika.