Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Collage pARTy & Art Room

Sunday, we gathered for our first official monthly pARTy.

In this group, delicious stretches of time pass where words become superfluous and being and creating together becomes its own form of connection.

On the left is my collage in the early stages.

V did some interesting things with mixed media and blending oil pastels. (Notice her new rock.)

I got my collage to this stage. It feels busy, but it also feels like it's starting to take a direction. For my third mixed-media collage, I'm pleased.

Eighty percent of the process was pure pleasure; twenty percent was frustration. The moments of frustration came when I wanted to move it in a certain direction, but felt stuck. A suggestion from V gave me some needed help to take it to the next level.

Later that night I reread projects in Jane Davies collage book and started to understand what I had missed the first time: I need backgrounds. Backgrounds are the support for collage, and creating them is a totally different process than creating a collage. In fact, Davies suggests churning out a bunch of backgrounds almost like an assembly line and using these pieces as a springboard. I'm ready.

The side table I added for supplies was the finishing piece I needed to for my work space.

It still feels serene and comfortable as my yoga/meditation room.

And it's functional as an art space with an clean, open work table.

Art space remodel costs: $0. Every item was a found object. Sort of like a collage.


Pamela said...

Nice! Love the pARTy idea. Do you yoga on the carpet?

Kim said...

Interesting question, Pammy. When I did the yoga room, I discovered that I wanted it to feel warm and inviting. Having 4 walls blank walls with hardwood floors felt cold and boxy, so I put in the rug. It's a small enough rug to do standing poses on the hardwood floor, but I roll up the carpet to do sun salutations/vinyasa. I use the carpet for seated poses.

painted fish studio said...

eeee! love your first pARTy!

Vanessa said...

Your collage is very cool! It's a great piece. And your art room is lovely. I was at Miguel's (Michael's) yesterday, and I saw an entire book of how to organize art spaces. Wow. It was like Artsy Homemakers on Speed. I still have goodwill boxes stacked in my space. Want to bet that they will be there for at least a year?

Kim said...

"Artsy Homemakers on Speed." Good one!