Friday, April 17, 2009

Bargain Cashmere Yarn = Socks

The price of cashmere yarn is astounding. So when I found this cashmere yarn at the bottom on the clearance bin and it happened to be in my favorite red, I had to have it. I've never understood the knitting socks phenomena. It seems like an awful lot of work for a pair of socks. But cashmere socks. That's another story. Look at those tiny double-pointed needles. (Yarn: 50% cashmere/50% mohair.)

So far so good:

I've done a lot of ripping out to get this far.

The spiral part of this pattern takes a bit of concentration. Jeff was channel surfing the other night and stopped on a gender bending show on Taboo. My confusion spun out of control. The person talking looks like a woman, but she's really a man and she's getting a sex change. Wait, that's a purl instead of a knit. And her boyfriend is a man. Or is he/she a woman? Wait, that's knit 3 then purl 1. And he's not sure whether he wants to be a man or a woman? Oh, jeez, I'm missing a stitch.

There's much less ripping out when I stick to mindless guilty-pleasure shows like Jon & Kate Plus Eight and Supernanny.

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