Saturday, January 24, 2009

Still Ga Ga

My blog has no focus. Pam has a rule that she doesn't blog about current events. I don't know how she does it. These days it's all I think about.

Thursday night as I got into bed and started to chit chat with Jeff I thought about Obama and Michelle. What must it have been like for him to crawl into bed with her at the White House at the end of his first day? Did they say, "Can you believe it?" The work part is probably easy for him; he's known what he was going to do and he's just doing it. But this must have been a moment. Did George W leave Obama a note like Reagan left Bush? What did it say?

Yesterday, while I was waiting for Ann, I was thinking about the scuttlebutt about Yo Yo Ma's prerecorded performance, (so what, btw) and it took me back to the absolute joy he exuded playing that day (he was playing). The performance was so much more than the music. Without his beaming in-the-moment expression, it wouldn't have been the same. I had chills all over again just in the remembering. The best video I can find of it is here at 2:22 minutes.

I spent this morning reading the paper like it was Sunday. I caught up on bits I didn't have time to read from cover to cover throughout the week. I want to know what Obama says and how he says it. Give me the details. I'm fascinated by stuff like Eric Cantor, the number two house republican's, description of Obama's reaction to Cantor's points of opposition on the stimulus plan:

[Cantor] said the president had told him, “You’re correct, there’s a philosophical difference, but I won, so we’re going to prevail on that.”

“He was very straightforward,” Mr. Cantor added. “There was no disrespect, but it was very matter-of-fact.”

Somewhere else I read some writer commenting on the difference between Obama and Bill Clinton and how Obama is so self contained. He doesn't need the validation that Bill needed and how that makes Obama able to maneuver so cleanly and clearly and build relationships with people who differ from him.

My mind is all things Obama all day long. Today, I even sent my first personal, not-for-work letter to the editor on the subject.

I heard a Jay Leno joke I've been replaying and laughing over all week.

Barack is upstairs sleeping in the White House.
Michelle and her mother are downstairs in the kitchen.
Marion says to Michelle, "You could have done better."

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