Thursday, January 22, 2009

"I felt full"

I got this message today from a Focusing message board, but wasn't successful finding the video clip. I'd love to see it if anyone is able to unearth it:

Dear Focusing Friends,
Maybe some of you saw the clip on one of the networks these last days, in which a young angelic boy--his name and appearance suggested he was of Middle Eastern or African and white parentage--met and talked with Obama. He actually looked like a young version of Obama. After they conversed, a reporter asked the boy how it had been, how he felt, to talk to the then-President-elect. The boy got very quiet. He went inside. Then, very seriously, he said, 'I felt full.' You could see him checking that with himself. He nodded. 'Yes, I felt full. Full of my self." He emphasized 'self.' 'I feel like I can do more now, do more things in my life." Then he checked inside again, sensed he was finished, and smiled."
Joyce Kornblatt

Beautiful stuff. Pure.

I remember this being mentioned on CNN. A reporter told the broadcaster that this is what the kid said. The broadcaster laughed nervously and said something like, "oh, okay...well, there you have it." She obviously thought it was strange.

Her response reminds me how alien felt experiencing is to our culture. The boy reminds me that it's our natural state of being and access to it is takes just a little bit of pause and listening.

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