Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Summer of ARTnics

ARTnicing and looking so 19th century on a leisurely Saturday afternoon.

I'm becoming an expert at portable art studios transported in swirly canvas bag.

Jessa and her two little ones visited from Annapolis this week. We took them to the park for an afternoon of play and art. All this fun peaked the curiosity of three other kids in the park and the next thing you know yours truly was conducting a summer art camp, which was fine for about five minutes until one little girl started demanding more and more art supplies like an insatiable monster and then became Attila the Hun when I denied her.

"Where is your mother?" we said. And, of course, mother was no where to be found.

In one of the sweeter moments, our friend, Miss A, on the right did some face painting.

Attila gave us another shock when we moved to the playground. Here's my hubby, who I refer to as Roger these days--as in Roger Sterling in Mad Men.

Okay, hubby is no spring chicken, but we both nearly fell over when Attila yelled out from the swing set, "I want the grandpa to push me."


Pamela said...

Aw! There is so little dignity with aging.

Bob was at a big music festival out in the gorge. He was in the beer garden getting his beer and as he walked off to find a place to sit, a young drinker called, "Take it easy, Pops."

Kim said...

@Pamela I'm reminded of a time a few years ago when a friend of mine met another friend of mine and later referred to him as "oh, the old guy." It hurt me even though my friend is 70. I know him as my friend. He's no old guy; he's full of more life than some people 30 years younger. Ouch.

Nuree said...

omg. some kids can be such....

anyways. i always enjoy our artnic outings. :) i esp love the pic you took of our last one. anne of green gables! looking forward to another before summer ends. :)