Friday, July 10, 2009

Risking Enough to Care about Strangers

I've been meaning to show you these.

Artist: Klaris Reis. Mixed media epoxy polymer on aluminum panel. Spotted at the lunch version of Slanted Door.

Yesterday was a good day with the public. Two of my quips to two strangers were received with hearty laughs that said either "wow, you're talking to me" or "get away from me crazy lady."

But my favorite encounter was at Peet's. A and I were catching up while we ordered and waited for our drinks. Next a woman, who I hadn't noticed before, appeared and said, actually she whispered, "Excuse me. I overheard you talking.."

Immediately I thought, "Oh, no. What did I say? She's going to chastise me."

She continued, "....about the dry spot on your face and I had the same thing."

"Oh boy," I thought, "I was doing that thing I do that my husband and I have a signal for--speaking MUCH too loudly in places that have hard surfaces--and I was talking about my personal health problems for the whole damn place to here. Nice. Where's my husband when I need him?"

She continued, "I went to a dermatologist in Palo Alto, Dr. Jacobson, and she told me to get Aquaphor and put it on every night. I did and it went away."

I was so shocked by this kind woman caring enough to help me with the mysterious dry spot that appeared on my face three days ago that I had to ask her to repeat the prescription.

"Aquaphor," she said. "It's very inexpensive, and you can get it over there at Rite-Aide."


Vanessa said...

Now, imagine them in wax.

Also, people speaking loudly is part of the appeal of "people watching."

Pamela said...

I wish strangers had the answers to all our problems.

I remembered this article when I read your post:


"[R]esearch has proven that the more positive social interactions we have, the higher our happiness levels."