Sunday, March 8, 2009

A very good day

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with V and visited her at her new place "in the country" just past the suburban tracts of San Jose Almaden. Her art/craft room was my favorite. Not only is it her perfect place for creating, but the view is fantastic.

Their property has a (horseless) horse stable that she has a view of from her window. The view was especially beautiful yesterday. After many days of rain, the air is fresh and the hills are emerald green. We planned to do something crafty, but I was like a cat and had to see everything about where she lived before I could settle down.

I put the top down on my old Cabrio and we meandered up the road to the open space preserve for a hike. Along the way, we passed the historic miner's homes and the historic post office still in operation. Within five minutes from her house, she has access to gorgeous hiking. After our hike we turned on the heater and tootled some more, passing the reservoir that is now full, up to another open space preserve. Heaven.

Back to V's room, we hung out perusing a couple of books about encaustic painting and collage. She and I took an encaustic painting/collage class in January, and while I loved the process, I was less enthused about the product. This book changed my mind. Encaustic painting is equipment intensive, so we talked about setting up the "studio" at her place and working together.

I've been futzing around with collage and was in the process of converting half of the yoga room to a dedicated art space, but vacationing in Mexico, getting nasty sick again, job hunting, looking for our new house, and, did I mention, Cinequest, has derailed me. Without realizing it, I had lost my inspiration and was acting like I didn't know how to do it anymore.

V sent me home with Collage Journeys. I read it in bed last night like a sleepy kid who will do anything to force her eyes to stay open for just a little more fun. I'm inspired. My first step is getting set up. The kitchen table isn't working for me anymore and between job search and some contract work, neither is my desk.


Vanessa said...

Hey, I think I recognize that room and the view! You know that you're welcome any time. Nick and I are going to prod some friends for some cookie/brownie recipies.

Sherry said...

I'm excited that you're trying collage! I can heartily recommend two authors. Both Gerald Brommer and Nita Leland have excellent books that suggest lots of ways to use collage, and also suggestion on organizing. Then you can go look at books by Nick Bantock and Barbara Hidgson...

Anyway, thanks for the idea to make my own postage stamps. It's brilliant, really, and I'm shocked it did not occur to me.

Kim said...

Sherry, Thanks so much for the book recommendations. They look very good!