Monday, March 9, 2009

Metropolitan Diary

Mondays mornings are busy mornings for me. On these days, my morning routine is disrupted, I'm out the door before my eyes are open, and the paper gets a once over or more than likely, completely ignored.

But I've learned that there's one part of the paper on Mondays I can't miss--the Metropolitan Diary. I consider it the spiritual section of the New York Times. Printed only once a week, it often reminds me of what I love about New York and New Yorkers. I may share a favorite every Monday.

Here's today's favorite: Dad's old apartment

Dear Diary:

A woman in her early 20s overheard talking on a cellphone on West 75th Street between Columbus and Amsterdam:

“Hey Dad. ... I’m on your old block. What was your number? ... Oh, I see your building. Yeah, the facade is plain. ... The number plate? ... Wooden? ... Yes, it’s there. ... You made that! In the ’70s? Well that’s cool.”

Katherine Humphrey

Photo: Jeff on the way to the Guggenheim


Sherry said...

You sound like you're having too much fun here!

Nuree said...

i also <3 NYTimes Metropolitan Diary. :)

Kim said...

@ Nuree: let's start sharing our favorites.