Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Taking Notes

The house hunt continues. The summer flow of listings has dwindled, and we have a new strategy. Jeff does the online hunt. I do the drive by. I've learned to do less hemming and hawing. It feels like dating in my 30s. No. No. No. No. No.

This would be the kind of house, although a lot smaller, that I'd feel uncertain about. "Does it have potential?" "Should I go on a second date?"

New windows, siding, and a simple balcony and porch: a major transformation.

From Design Sponge


Nuree said...

oh wow...that is one ugly house. thank goodness for a facelift! love the porch! ...i would've added a small round window, like a porthole, on the front top by the roof. think that might add a bit more character and more light. *shrug* just my opinion. hey if you ever want a house browsing buddy, let me know. i love doing walk-bys/drive-bys. :)

painted fish studio said...

ha! that is EXACTLY what my dating life is like right now. so glad i found a house i love! :)