Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Pipes & Art Class

My contractor wanted me to notice the beautiful soldering work on our new pipes. I appreciate a good craftsman even if it's work buried in the walls.

This week we've have a constant stream of 5-6 workmen here re-piping our entire house. On Sunday afternoon we decided to also re-tile both bathrooms as part of the re-pipe. Our contractor gave us such a good deal that it seemed like a no-brainer to get some more value out of this house as we get ready to sell it. He's happy to keep his guys working these days even if they're practically giving away work.

After a job interview on Monday, Jeff and I put on our interior design hats and went out to select tile and fixtures. I like to make these decisions slowly, but we had to play beat-the-clock to get the tile by the end of the re-pipe and get the plumber the new valve before they sealed the walls. I had to learn about the differences between a chicken-wire tile installation and a wall float and how the method and materials impact whether you need quarter-round finishing or bullnose. Not exactly what I expected to be learning this week.

Needless to say there has been no time for five minutes of art here and there. I did start my art class on Saturday, Painting and Mixed Media, and really like it. One warm-up exercise that I got a lot out of was moving my markers to music she selected. I learned a lot about where I'm headed with my vision. Afterward, we played show and tell, and got even clearer about what I want to create. I have a lot of confidence about where I'm headed, and the class is helping me learn a lot of technique that I'm missing.

Today I'm headed to the city with Joc & Debra to see The Dragon's Gift: Sacred Arts of Bhutan before it leaves town.

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